I am not a comodities broker. The cost on gold nuggets are based upon what each miner charges me so I can get their higher quality stash.

I will not try to chase the price of the 77 pound refined gold bars (spot X 1000 ounces) yet I know that is always in the back of our minds.

So below is what I can do.

4 percent off total items cost please enter coupon code " 4 "

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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30

For orders less than $30 a first class package will be shipped for just $2.10

USPS Express Priority Envelope @$19.00 is also available

 Make checks payable Wayne Cable 201 North Drew Street,Redwood Falls,Minnesota 56283    

Cell phone 507-430-5171   and / or email address : wayne@goldnuggetsstore.com 


  • Return Policy   You can rest assured your investment will be shipped to you securely.  Please email or call me with any concerns you have. I am easy to work with on returns. Please do not scratch, alter or apply any chemical to your gold nugget or gold specimen if you plan to return it. Every item sold at the Gold Nuggets Store is satisfaction guaranteed 

I have been selling gold nuggets for 11 years. These Real and Natural Nuggets and specimens are from professional mining operations.

Although I don't think of myself as being disabled, I do the best I can with limited hand/finger movements. I am focus challenged, and make errors but I am trustworthy correcting things the way I would want them to be if I was the buyer.

Communications WELCOME! Even to just talk. Wayne

My grandfather and grandmother owned and worked several mining operations including alluvial

and underground tunnel mines within USA's Northwestern States ,Washington and in Canada. 

Family first. Christ teaches us Life is Eternal. Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Wayne Cable